Valley of Death

Published by Izmaylov Alexander

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My world is fantastic, and new pictures are born in my mind. This picture is from my fiction and I want to show it to everyone. This world is from the Planets of Evil where different forms of life dwell. Our Shuttle discovered a living planet with very high oxygen content. There is no life in the Planet, and in the water, our submarine discovered the life of creatures as from the film Aliens. In this world, there is no earthly life, but there is a life of evil Forces. We were surprised that in the water world these creatures built a whole city for the birth of their children. But we were horrified when we saw the lights of blue as on the earth from the light of the moon at night. I gave you only a small episode of my fantastic picture. But there are different Worlds that I see in my mind this world of Good, and you should see my new works in the future. All people only dream in mind, and I show it to you in my picture!

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