Fallen skies

Published by Izmaylov Alexander

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The world is ours, and theirs is another World, and people in this World are a test for another World. Earth is the people of life and they are Aught! We did not know that there are Worlds of Life without flesh, but they were always. The Moon is our satellite is full of life, and we do not see in the telescope and microbe. The moon is an artificial satellite, and Earthlings did not know this truth. Our Shuttle flies through the dust of the Moon and the belts of another World. There is Peace on Earth, we do not know, but we know that there is life on Earth! Our Shuttle has been flying for many years and the World of the Earth has already changed. We were on different Planets and saw something different, but our Earth is not more beautiful. We run from the new dimension and say life Yes! And Something is the life of energy running after us, and the life of the Earth is no longer the same. Houses are high and people say not so, but we fly through the Stars and want life. The weapons are very old, and they are from the Other World. We are flying to our native land, and they are on the expansion of the Earth! #video #animator #videoeditor #branding #conceptart #conceptartist #motiongraphics #motiongraphic #motiondesign #3dmodeling #animation #art

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