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Living, which is one of the most important and long-lasting function and activities of every person, has always represented one of the most interesting theme design. The architecture of living units is very delicate discipline, because people in their lifetime spend most of their time in their homes and that is why we must carefully analyze each segment of space in which we are implementing new users. Thesis is a single-family residential house designed three-member family, where each member itself unique: the head of the family - a writer in his early forties, the creative crisis and undefined marital status; his partner, architect/designer in her late thirties, and their common teenage daughter and student, with interest for art and music. Given that each of them deals with different forms of art, it is necessary that everyone has their own work space, which is partially or completely isolated from other public office in the villa, which was also one of the subjects of research. The idea for an answer on this subject requires a number of additional questions and answers that require additional analysis in the context in which to include newly designed houses. First of all, regardless of the new parameters, one-family house should be functional, physically and aesthetically satisfy its customers, and that in some ways possibly adapt to new requirements. As far as planning parameters to answer, or fit into the existing context, but also to maintain a sufficiently high level of privacy. #image #architecture #interiordesign #house #residental #suburban #adobephotoshop #archicad #artlantis

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