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Architect Nenad Nasifović accepted the task of designing the office space of the geodetic firm Geo-EN in 2017. The office space was located in the Business center in Srbobran, in a building which was constructed in 1892, though it is not protected as a historic monument. This fact offered more freedom during the designing process, nevertheless, the architect's project is mostly speaking about good communication between contemporary architecture and architectural heritage. The office ceiling is made of brick and it is a barrel vault, typical for the XIX century architecture in Austria-Hungary. However, this type of ceiling was often hidden. As oppose to that praxis, the architect decided to make the ceiling visible and therefore emphasize its significance in the context of architectural heritage. Regarding the space organization, architect Nasifović tended to design a functional area of 47 m2 which would not alter the existing condition. The office space is therefore divided into three zones: the right side from the entrance which is reserved for the office desks, while on the left there is a conference desk for meeting with the clients. The third segment consists of utility rooms - a kitchen and a restroom. The entire project is very economical, even though it does not leave one with such an impression. Even though functionality is one of the main qualities of this project, what truly makes it unique is its aesthetic of the composition. The main motif is the ceiling emphasized by the minimalist character of the new interior. The yellow ochre brick is highlighted by the warm tones of the desk’s wooden structure. On the other hand, the warm colors are toned down by somewhat more calming gray walls and floor tiles, while the entire space is emphasized by the black furniture. Finally, the ambience is enliven with two details: a Benjamin ficus plant placed in front of a grey wall opposed to the entrance and between the two zones, and an old geodetic machine theodolite, placed in a corner on a poplar trunk. With this project, the architect showed an exquisite sense for color, composition, as well as finding a motif which defines the entire interior and gives it a character. #image #architecture #interiordesign #photography #brick #interior #design #adobephotoshop

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