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Atlanta, United States
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Rapper, Record Producer and Songwriter

BIO: Born as Shea Shaun Cullens in ‘92, rasied in Atlanta in a small house of 6, his parents, late aunt and 3 siblings. By the age 4 he picked up on music from the interest his two sisters had in the past, nor did he understand what hip hop was about, he found interest in beats and the style of the flow. By the age 5 he started rapping with his sister Lori in a way a normal adult would use their lyrics, with an more hardcore approach then any normal kid would even imagine of using. He never expressed his thoughts such as a normal kid would think of bubble gum, candy or playing on the jungle gym. His first rap name was Lil’ Dogg, because he was highly influenced by rapper Snoop Dogg. He continued to rap but between ages of 10-15 his put down the mic and focused more on his childhood play, school and learning how to play all percussion type instruments. During 15-16 he picked up on producing more than being a rap artist, later on he picked back up on rapping and changed his whole style, he changed his name to Young Grip in 2007 because so many people believed in his music dream and saying he will always have a grasp to his dream and wont let it go, so his friends nicknamed him Grip. His verses were outstanding because of the use of universal style lyrics and metaphors with heart hitting realism of life in each bar, and knockout punchlines. So now at age 20 he still doing what he does best and thats being the best he can ever be.