Hat!m - Ascent

Published by 47Promotions


Music provided by: Hat!m Video: https://youtu.be/g0ue0H3Q5Zg » Free Download: bit.ly/AscentDL ---- [Read the Description!] --- ▼47Promotions - Be Heard | Be Noticed | Be Promoted » Website: 47Promotions.com » Submit your track: the4747game.toneden.io/ » Facebook: bit.ly/FB47Promotions » Twitter: bit.ly/47PromotionsTwitter » Google+: bit.ly/13zm5XJ » Soundcloud: @thegame4748 ▼ Hat!m » Soundcloud: @the-official-hatim » Facebook: www.facebook.com/hatimsiddique14 ▼Picture Credits: Sebastien Gabriel » stocksnap.io/photo/39S1VFI20N ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to use this song? Then give credits to the artist and to 47Promotions. Also copy and paste our social links. ▼Any problems or want me to take down this song because of copyright reasons? - Contact Me [Includes using an artists picture in the video] » the4747game@thebigmo.net ▼Sponsored by CreatorStats » www.creatorstats.com #audio #Melodic Dubstep #Melodic #Dubstep #Hatim #Ascent #Music

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