"Need This" Prod. By Serge Crown Kanye Jay z type beat

Published by MAL


i let it go. bullet at ya dome green grass on my head stone throw phones cause the text code. you a clone get stoned you depressed homes go get home grown show you a fresh clone im an alien ill maybe win if i write every day and quit wheneva i get therrre but i neva quit, need this for my head care.. simulated heallth with a death stare wasnt a muthafucka that fucked with me trauma tied onto my hands and feet im a bottomless pit you fell in love wit me now youll neva hear the end of me sufferin re born in a pawn shop little amplifiers for guitars and a crib top look at me mom quick no bib watch dial 1 , 1, 6 run from six cops, dont get ya wig shot hop scotch swig lots dont think lots people all up in my ear they real loud i dont wanna hear it nobody believes me i got powers i can talk to spirits i make fire freeze and frost dissapear wheneva im walkin near it im colder than the motherfuckin top of everest imma robotic pretador from an alien race wit an interchangable face n an aimable blade flyin straight at ya face to shave the disgrace bruh turn ya to a grape ya best be raisin a blade , uhh im insane in the brain, climbin hills in my spare time rare gems on my dick kid thats a rare mind she gimme brain ery day she a rare find we did it in public n caught a rare find nike jus do it tick it off ya list im awful sick buyin from people that got stocks of kids my product shipped no one steppin eva comes complete, wheres the competish? im the dope boy out here layin lotsa bricks i contradict accomplishments, common sense gone out the window i dont really do drugs no moe doe i done a shit load i roll around town in a stolen cop car bumpin NWA n im lock jaw cant take no moe i got a soft spot cougar wit me in the back she got a pom pom whitney hollow it out n then we smokin ganja then we burn the car down n we do a salsa dance around screamin out allah okbar neva thought violence would get my cock hard hoe gotta go, then a hoe finna blow she get wet lil pussy get soaked like a hoes new age hippy puttin dope in my nose the worlds a casino put a pen in ya throat yea they know im dope ova dose on ma dick when i come through, i dump the whole clip she aint send me nudes i dump the old bitch imma scarface killa wit a dog on my wrist in the fog n you missed, smokin dope wit a scope drinkin scope, snipe somebody for a rum and coke pimpin out the dumbest hoes no moe car so my thumb is thrown up in the air but it wasnt really mine imma jack the rippa thrilla when i rip to many lines rip too many fingers off you if your lyin never jokin or pullin legs im dyin #audio #Hiphop Rap #Hip #Hop #rap #trap #trip #hop #RB #rapper #singer #song #music #Jay #z #Kanye #west #type #beat #serge #crown #amethyst #rockstars #Canadian # #alien #underground #604 #bc #lyrics

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