GALLO - Hearts of men

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Recorded yesterday.... posted today! ps. its not finished!!! intro : they say the judgement is yet to come... it got me scared .... i begg for forgiveness, if the thoughts that i relate.... could be held as.... or understood as... being against.... your holy grace! verse: and creepin from the shadows, was a man known to be shallow, he walked and held his own, he had book, up in his satchel those pages, should of been held, amongst the pharaoes, but with the ages, with darkness, we have battled words got twisted, n were used to fuel the fire cold, through the veins, of men, claimed, to be missionaries,so we would, send, armed knights, to take all lives, who wo0uldnt bow, to the vision, of our christ, and say its all riight, strenght is our plithe, tears on my cheeks, of thoughts, that we strike, from our phyche, could try to fight me, but more than one is like me, just me, i got the mic be, ready for becoming, forgettin what we might be, these states of separation, dont work, need to unite we, stronger thatn the sum of our parts, let say no, theyve put this scum in our hearts, now let go, hook: another dark night, where the hearts of men blacken, where faith is what we live by yet is what we lackin #audio #True Music #gallo #GA #4FIFTY #essence #E553NC3 #hearts #of #men

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