No Love Left (feat. Dean)

Published by Logan Barnes


This mixtape/Album is called Honestly. That doesn't mean that everything I say will be perfectly straight forward or anything like that. It's all real, it's all honest, every word has it's own truth; some have multiple. I wrote each song on here in the span of about a month while trying to find my musical identity. It's still not totally centered, but definitely getting there. I had to figure out what kind of artist do I want to be? Everything I made with The American Boys was fun, pretty cool music; but I didn't want to get pidgin holed into making songs like that. I want to make songs that really a piece of me. Songs that you don't have to meet me to know me, just the honest truth of who I am. The vibe may be somewhat scattered at times, yes. But it's the result of my emotions at each specific time; which, as we all know, can change quickly and without warning. I've always been honest with my music. This isn't much of a change from that except that I haven't held back what I've written about this time. It's always been honest, but on this tape I've expressed my thoughts and emotions and not held back at all. I even expressed my political opinions in a few tracks as well. Much of the tape is focused on society and the problems that result from me being different than many of my peers. I question things, and go into detail about my thoughts and opinions of them. Each thought is honest. Enjoy. #audio #Hiphop Rap #Rap #Mixtape #Original #Meaningful #real #hiphop #lyricist # #eminem #Logic #J #Cole #inspiration #Free #free #download #Artist #teen #Deep #Solo #honestly #NF #expression #intense #personal #2016 #Explicit

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