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This yet another podcast/radio show i am starting! Yes, really! I want to give you guys as much music as possible, and this is what "Press Play" is for! Press Play will be a podcast/radio show consisting of basically what ever genre pleases you, and me! Anything! Each episode could be as long as 45 min, to maybe 2 hours! Think of this as your electronic music spotify! And, if your wondering when i am going to uploading every episode? Then, the answer is when ever i feel the episode is ready, meaning that it could be a few days, 1 week, or maybe 1 month to find good tracks to put them in my "Push Play" podcast/radio show.. FREE DOWNLOAD: PRESS PLAY W/ AUDAZ (Mixcloud) - PRESS PLAY W/ AUDAZ (Tradiio) - Don't Forget To Like, and To Follow!!! #music #audio #song #album #remix #clip #electronic #indie #dance #variousedm #mix #2015

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