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Music is a universal language that everyone speaks. Even if it’s in a different language, a person can pick up on a song’s mood just by its beat. Atlanta-born artist Aaron Janx is such a musician, whose music transcends language barriers, providing listeners with sultry beats and conscious lyrics that stand the test of time. Music has always been in his blood and it’s all he knows how to do.

“I can’t even remember a time where I was not involved with music,” he says. “[People] tell me that I was a toddler performing Elvis numbers. So I think I was born with a musical awareness.” And that musical awareness has led him to become a praised musician whose songs cross genres. Although the artist doesn’t like to put labels on his work, he does mention that his music has been described as “an eclectic and eccentric R&B.”

Taking musical inspiration form the likes of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, R. Kelly, The Beatles, Sam Cooke and, of course, Elvis, Aaron Janx has created a unique sound that blends souls and R&B. “I just shoot for a wild thin mercury sound and try to be me, whoever that is.”

And as the producer, singer, poet and songwriter continues to evolve his musical persona, Aaron Janx’s has his musical process down to a science. “I usually get a melody while playing the guitar or piano and then from the melody and chords, a mood will emerge which will trigger feeling within me. This then evokes memories or current situations in my life, thus giving me lyrical content.” He also describes that he adds lyrics while in the moment and uses a recorder to capture them instead of writing them down as other artists do.

Besides the creative aspect of being an artist, Aaron Janx loves the freedom that his profession affords him. “Freedom is my highest value in life. Through art, you can express what’s inside.” And expression is what he does best, with hits like “The One,” “Addicting” and “Aint No Use,” to name a few.

The indie artist is currently busy making more music and is focused on making tracks that aren’t filled with crowded sounds. Instead he’s focusing on more melodic-and lyric-based tracks that will rev up your musical senses and have you moving and grooving to their infectious beats. And as he continues to make the music he loves, Aaron Janx will continue to be a highly loved indie artist, making music his way.

“I would like to create conversations,” Aaron Janx details. “I would like to continue a long line of artists who were true to themselves and were really artists in the truest meaning of the word. I’m not concerned with making ‘hits ‘as much as I am making art that says what I feel or like.” And as he continues to be true to himself and his music, his fans will get dope music.

    uniE603 Back To Georgia (Prod. Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 Mata Hari (Prod. Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 Aaron Janx - AINT NO USE (Prod. Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 All Night Long (Prod Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (Prod. Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 Aaron Janx - Addicting (Prod. Aaron Janx)
    uniE603 All I DO (Prod. By Aaron Janx)