Askhat Serikbekuly
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Everything started by the will of fortune: parents bought the ordinary YAMAHA to my younger brother and sent him to the piano lessons. Nariman (my younger brother) didn’t even finish this lessons and after pair of years gave it up, by that time (97-98 years) I started to listen electronic music in the style of house and techno, trying to compose melodies I finally succeeded (!), since then I started to write a music.

It’s funny to remember how we played on a synthesizer interpreting rap, and recorded everything on a cassette. So this way in 97 year together with MC Freezy (Taurbaev Erzhan) we recorded 2 tracks “Night is Coming…” and “Missing you…”.

I was wishing to get a musical education, but of family circumstances I had to learn everything on my own.

It’s a big fortune that in the years of 97-98 I met Daniyar Junussov (Junus), whom I can bravely call my first music teacher (of course, electronic music), he showed me how to arrange and mix music on a computer, after half a year of the collaborate work, we created our first project Deface Crew (Liquid City) – the tracks were quite revolutionary (2 albums in the ways from Acid Jazz to TechHouse), but the quality at that time wasn’t high enough, so cassettes spread between our friends.

The great role in my upbringing to electronic music and dance culture belongs to Nariman Issenov’s legendary radioshow “Friday”.

The second wave of my music career is straightly connected with instep of Russian Rap of 99 year, when we created RPA (Real Power Aces) project together with my classmate Nursultan Tolkimbaev (FoggyMan/NRS), and also Askin (Askar Moldakhmetov) and RAME (Aidyn Kusainov) joined our project. We recorded many tracks, written on a CD in our own home studio, performed in the night clubs, parks and festivals as MC’s. Project existed 2 years.

At the same time together with Freezy we recorded rap in our home studio. We released in a mass under the name “Ace & Freezy”. Project exists till now.

In 2001 together with SHC (South Heartz Clean) I took a part in the recording of gangsta-track “Truth for the masses”.

The period of 2001-2007 years was standstill in my personal creation - there were mainly remixes and arrangerings for other performers. Together with that I performed as listener of electronic music – it has changed so much since that time…

The year of 2008 – reappearance of old traditions and performing in the professional scene with a brand “Ace-21”.

Among of favorites I can name Daft Punk – really revolutionary sound!