Microsoft - Future of Innovation

Published by Adam Wilkes - 2D/3D Animation Expert

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Here are 2D animations I created to show the future Microsoft tech for 3 key industries in 3 separate videos. They are character led, showing peoples future paths to better health, working conditions and shopping experiences with high focus on narrative. Firstly, by using Illustrator I was able to build the characters and assets. After, these illustrations were animated in After Effects where I used a plugin called joystick and sliders to have more control over animating each character. Finally, adding the sound effects and music in Adobe Premiere Pro. #image #animation #characterdesign #motiongraphics #characteranimation #innovation #technology #healthcare #manufacturing #2danimation #aftereffects #future #adobeaftereffects #adobeillustrator #adobepremierepro

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