The Watchers - Impact 50

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The Watchers - Impact 50 Impact in T-minus 97 minutes. 220 miles above our doomed planet, four astronauts on board the International Space Station are forced to confront their fate as the last members of the human race. I had the great opportunity in working on the Visual Effects (VFX) for this short film for Director, Andrew McGee and Videographer, Ben Sunnucks. I transformed all green screen frames into the vast expanse of space and earth. I used a mix of Nasa footage and shape layers to create the explosion and earth. Cinema 4D was also utilised to create the tennis ball and hatch shots. A lot of work went into tracking, masking and rotoscoping. The Watchers had a great reception for its first screening at SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival - Stratford East Picturehouse #image #motiongraphics #visualeffects #computeranimation #vfx #aftereffects #greenscreen #animation #space #spacestation #earth #explosion #globe #adobeaftereffects #maxoncinema4d

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