Angelspit - "Defibrillator - addambombb's 80's From Hades remix" (full)

Published by Addam Bombb

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Zoog Von Rock invited me to remix Angelspit's song "Defibrillator" for official release on the "USB Spit Pill - Re:fibrillator" album in early 2012. [] I got *a little* obsessed with that big fat synthy bass line in the beginning and it all devolved from there... a conversation with Xtine S from XMortis triggered the "80's From Hades" idea, and some of the leftover brain drippings became my Gotye mashup. Mmmmm, gravy. This thing starts off upbeat and poppy, and as it progresses it crushes into some krumpy krunch and then finally into fist banging (electronic) metal beats. I've sampled in a ton of 80's references including bits of Blue Monday, Tainted Love, and a bunch of arcade samples - in which every one dies, muahaahaaa... my favorite moment is when Frogger gets hit by a truck, wheeeee! You can hear the original album version here : Buy the mp3 on Amazon - or get your Spit Pill from! Check out more music from Angelspit at and on my site at! Help me keep making music : #audio #Cyberpunk #newwave #addambombb #dj #remix #angelspit #defibrillator #refibrillator #80s #industrial #gothic #drumbass #dubstepish #glitch #arcade #frogger #pacman #mtv #bluemonday

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