Angelspit - "Ambassador (dj addambombb's repossession)" [2014]

Published by Addam Bombb

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First place winner in Angelspit's remix contest! I've been bugging Zoog Von Rock to give me this track to remix since i heard the pre-release of Angelspit's new album "the Product"... so i was honored when he invited me to be a part of "the Recall". I immediately fired up the DAW to get to work, but when i opened the zip with the vocal stems i noticed an extra file with a strange format extension. I thought it might be good pr0n, so i clicked it - and was immediately teleported to the year 4000 AD! That Zoog, he's such a prankster, i should've expected. I was quickly recruited by a group of rebels trying to free the human slaves from their fascist robot oppressors and sent to terminate the cyborg called "H-8". Turns out he used to be an iDJ before deciding to lead a robot army to destroy humankind - he got glitched when a drunk girl spilled a fruity drink on his synch button while making a bad request. No wonder he became a H8'er, he had a meltdown! He had to get his groove back. I rode in on the wheels of steel and rocked his crew until the early light. He resisted at first, but i knew i'd won when he came up to the booth and and said "You're pretty good, man - kinda retro, though". H-8 realized he didn't need a synch button, and became instead "dj #cyb0rgsd0!Twith12!nch3s" - BUT he's thinking about changing that, so humanity saved, dancing in the streets with holograms of Mick and David (yes, they're still gods in 4000 AD), yadda-yadda. I realized i was behind on my remix and had to get back quickly... So while i was there i sampled this turn-of-the-millennium club classic from 2099 and just made a cheesy mashup with the Angelspit vocals. I figure, nobody but Zoog (and maybe the Liar) will notice, and if i ever have any heirs they can sue the original artist for sampling my sh*t without clearing it. Help me keep making music : More of my madness : More celestial saliva : Support the release! Get awesome stuff for making awesome stuff happen : [Story inspired in part by "Magnus Robot Fighter" by Russ Manning : You know that feeling that you get when you have to rage? An angel just spit on your grave! #audio #electropunk #ambassador #remix #addambombb #dj #addam #bombb #electro #cyberpunk #hard #tech #industrial #dance #angelspit #electronic #electropunk

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