Angelspit - "Cut Sick (dj addambombb's Rx-n-Fx regroove)"

Published by Addam Bombb

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I hadn't planned on doing a second mix for "the Recall", but shortly after finishing my remix of "Ambassador" i was relaxing quietly in a graveyard, sipping absinthe from the bottle and contemplating the sexual side of murder. I must have dozed off - i woke to a full moon burning my eyelids, and an itchy trickle of dried blood down my neck. I felt no pain, but woozy still from the absinthe, and among the excruciating noise of the crickets i could hear whispers. "Psycho" they said... "Manic... Rising..." The hair on my arms prickled as i realized that i had been drilled by an ear worm, the sort that scavenge among the graves. I could hear it chewing inside my skull. Then something shrieked with a dozen voices and the ground began to rumble, a green glow cracking the earth like a parched mudflat. A stochastic cacophony of clatter arose as bone things emerged and self assembled around me, then suddenly resolved into an unpredictable syncopated rhythm as they began to gyrate. Their slender feet boomed like canons on the dirt, their hips cracked like gunshots and they drummed their fingers like strings of firecrackers on the stones. The whispers in my mind became shouts, "In our mind! Control!", and the voices seemed to echo in the hollow sockets of the dancers' unblinking faces. I felt myself rising, falling, rising again in time with the chant "God puppet, voodoo addict", cold metal wires pulsing blue in my veins. My own limbs began to betray me, mimicking the horrors around me, my lips joining the voices. The flesh peeled away from my fists as i beat the cadence against the grave markers, my throat burned raw, the devils around me howling their horrible silent song. Even my flayed feet could not stop dancing until finally i fell, mercifully broken, mindless and undying. I awoke many days later, scarred and tattered, and lifted my aching face from the glassy remains of a spilled ashtray on the desk at which i am now writing. Apparently i had submitted a master while non compos mentis, and my first attempt at consciousness was greeted by Zoog Von Rock calling me an "arsey cunt" on my facebook wall (apparently, that's a good thing). Help me keep making music : More of my madness : More celestial saliva : Support the release! Get awesome stuff for making awesome stuff happen :…it-remix-release #audio #Breakbeat #Industrial #cyberpunk #Gothic #dj #addambombb #angel #the #product #the #recall #cut #sick #addam #rae #wolff #edm #Electro #Electronic #synthpunk

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