Shake A Bone (dj addambombb's boneshakin' bootleg)

Published by Addam Bombb

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Couldn't help myself… had to regroove this beatbox blues cut by Son Of Dave. What can i say, i really dig musicians who compose using live looping, and this one's fun! Since it's such a repetitive track to begin with, i built a repetitive beat to support it, mostly based on a funky drum sample from "Papa Was, Too" by Joe Tex. I also recreated the vocalized bass line on a synth to get a cleaner low end (there's a fair bit of distortion in the original track but i think it's tolerable in this mix). Honestly, i was surprised that i couldn't find any remixes, it's such a great song! (And yeah, i heard it on Breaking Bad, like everyone else.) Original here, for comparison : p.s. - i don't know who did the artwork that i stole for the cover here, it was a tiny thing i found on google but can't credit, sorry More of my nonsense : Come dance with me on Hallowe'en night! : Like my work? Help me keep making art and music : #audio #big beat #bootleg #son #of #dave #shake #a #bone #djaddambombb #addam #rae #wolff #sampledelia #remix #groovy #funk #Funk #regroove #breaks #halloween #retro

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