DJ Addambombb - Mos Eisley Swing (a remix of "Cantina Band" by John Williams)

Published by Addam Bombb

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Get the free download here : This one's been in my head for a while, finally got around to cutting it up. I was a *huge* Star Wars fan when i was a kid, and had the 4-record vinyl set of the John Williams soundtrack - i wore the "Cantina Band" groove down to the white. (I would also wear a black trash bag cape and stomp around to the Imperial March, small wonder that i love big boots.) P.S. - Han shot first! More of my nonsense : Come dance with me on Hallowe'en night! : Like my work? Help me keep making art and music : #audio #electroswing #starwars #cantina #dj #addambombb #addambombb #cantina #band #star #wars #swing #house #dance #pop #novelty #fun #groovy #remix #bootleg

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