Mission 47

Published by Aerospherix

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Free Download: www.Aerospherix.Bandcamp.com Mission 47 (Music Video): www.Aerospherix.co.uk/Mission-47 The Story: One day when I had creative block I decided to go on a walk to clear my head and be inspired by nature. This is exactly what happened. I came up with a brand new concept that would combine a location relevant to myself with a musical composition. This location would connect many items to the music such as History, Heritage and even Myth. This alone would add to the atmosphere of the track as well as give the music a context allowing people to take their own imaginative journey. When I was growing up I would spend time in a local ruin called St Catherine's Chapel a.k.a Lydiate Abbey, which I had always taken a liking to. There are various tales about the Abbey ranging from various ghost hauntings to how the Chapel fell in the 16th Century. I felt this site was perfect for my first Location Composition and from here began I began to compose a track with the Abbey in mind. To add even more context and realism to the composition I undertook various field recordings to add the actual ambience of the location to give the listener the sound of the area around them. From here ‘Mission 47’ was born; A Cinematic Electro track which displays my portrayal of the mood of the Abbey. #SoundDesign #Music #Classical #Ambient #Soundscape #Atmospheric #Trippy #Film #VideoGame #Composition #Location #Score #Scoring #Soundtrack #song #electronic

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