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Aerotropic is a music label expressing different original concepts of the Science of Sound through the mind works of select artists blending their energy in motion with technology exploring the deepest realms of the sound spectrum.

***Release Schedule ***

AEROOO1 - onda Skillet - Across The Universe EP
*Across The Universe
*Quantum Flight

AEROOO2 - onda Skillet - Corinthian Whaleship EP
*Corinthian Whaleship
*The Solitary Messenger

AEROOO3 - onda Skillet - Time Machine EP
*Time Machine
*Time Machine Flux II

AEROOO4 - Chanski - Resurrection EP
*How are you doing (feat. Adrianna)
*Gas Ignition

AEROOO5 - onda Skillet - Cosmic Skywalker EP
*The 13th Dimension
*Cosmic Skywalker
*Through The Event Horizon
*Sea of Tranquility

AEROOO6 - Chamomile - Replicant EP
*Regnum Imperium

AEROOO7 - Duckhunter - Berkley Student EP
*Vinyl Professor
*Berkley Student
*Reaktor Mudule

AEROOO8 - Headliner - Techno Inquisition Album
*Club Mate
*Techno Inquisition
*From The Edge Of Space
*The Voyager (Ambient)
*The Voyager (Launched in 1977)
*Turn Off The System
*The Chase

AEROOO9 - Chanski - Ah Mei EP
*Ah Mei

AEROO10 - onda Skillet - Spectrum Album
*Xanterexx Biosphere
*Mankind 2.0
*Spectrum SAO-EPL
*Gravity Sailor

AEROO11 - Chanski - The End Of A Cycle EP
*An Ode To Fall
*Mechanical Error
*Pollen III

AEROO12 - onda Skillet - Supernova Album
*Nickel 56
*Iron 56
*Chandrasekhar Limit
*Beta Decay
*Andronover (feat. Sooyeon)

AEROO13 - onda Skillet - Effect Album
*Nebadon (feat. Sooyeon)
*Adiabatic Expansion
*Planetary Stabilization
*Age Of Earthquakes
*The World Ocean
*First Continent
*Life Carriers
*Universe Creatures

AEROO14 - Chanski - Traversing The Non-Physical Space EP
*Public Workspace
*Waypoint L7

AEROO15 - Craft - Pristine Generation Album
*Man in the Machine
*The Broke Underground
*Hypnotic Poise
*Dolphins Go Away
*Pristine Generation
*Blood Moon
*Massive Space
*Proximate Sequela
*Van Intony

AEROO16 - onda Skillet - Times Album
*The Arrival
*Eyes of the Night
*Thought Recorders
*The Human Experience
*Terrestrial Escape
*Seven Secret Spheres
*Transit of the Adams

AEROO17 - onda Skillet - Infinite Album
*Phoenix Tears
*Turtle Whisperer
*Space Isle
*Fresh Soup Cocoon

AEROO18 - Chanski - Territorial Expanse EP
*Acid Flare
*An Anomaly

AEROO19 - onda Skillet - Fluxx Album
*Always Forever
*Union of Days
*Organic Human
*7th Dimension
*Digital Character
*Meissner Field
*Kind Species
*Narrow Door

AEROO20 - onda Skillet - Silent Planet Album
*37,848 Years Ago (From 1934)
*Silent Planet
*Hologram Suit
*Matter From Energy
*Great Web in the Sky
*Molecules of Time

AEROO21 - Headliner - Ubiquitous Album
*After Touch
*Wormhole Dreams
*Black Howler
*The Answer

AEROO22 - Craft - Over The Mountain EP
*Over The Mountain
*Planet Destination

AEROO23 - Chamomile - Alpha State EP
*Alpha State
*Clairvoyant Deeds
*Radio Contact with the Outside

AEROO24 - Chanski - Celestial Meridian Album
*Random Kollider
*Celestial Meridian
*Motive Weird (Chanski Edit)

AEROO25 - onda Skillet - Saros Inex EP
*Aries Prime
*Ringmakers of Saturn

AEROO26 - onda Skillet - Horizons EP
*Illusions of a Dreamer
*Olympus Mons

AEROO27 - onda Skillet - Audiomorphosis Album
*Lucid Reality
*Axial Precession
*Experiential Endowment
*Macroscopic Insight
*Invisible Flight of the Wave

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