Thumpin' Thursday - 27.03.2014

Published by Agent808

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Mixed live for Thumpin' Thursday - Video Here - Delay effect in Traktor goes out a sync a couple of times. Something to with wobbly mixing and not using the sync option i think(for those who give a monkeys) Tracklist embedded in the mp3 (works on iphone, not sure about android) Tracklist: Ryuichi Sakamoto - The End Of Europe (Plexus Holland) Q-Chip - The Way Of The Future (Solar One Music) Das Muster - Ablenkung (Solar One Music) Lowfish - Black Clouds (Hymen Records) dynArec - All Automatic (Solar One Music) Q-Chip - Pleasure Anxiety (Solar One Music) Global Goon - The Grillroom (Balkan Recordings) NRSB-11 - Globalization (WéMè Records) Bintus - Advanced Fuel (Power Vacuum) Stingray - The Sadist Pt2 (Cestrian Remix) (Unknown To The Unknown) Kraftwerk - Taschenrechner (Electrola) Charlie - Spacer Woman (Vocal) (Mr. Disc Organization) CJ Bolland - Horsepower (Original Mix) (R & S Records) Outlander – Vamp (The Original Mix) (R & S Records) Paul Birken - Acid Youth of Malibu (Earwiggle) Global Goon - Feelings (Balkan Recordings) EDMX - Ring of Acid (Power Vacumm) Underground Resistance - Fuck The Majors (Mix 2) (Underground Resistance) AnD - The Jellyfish (Electric Deluxe) Dj Spider & Franklin De Costa - Buzzsaw (Killekill) Ella Fitzgerald - Get Thee Behind Me Satan (Verve Records) #audio #DJ Mix #Techno #Acid #Acid #Techno #Hard #Techno #QChip #Solar #One #Music #dynArec #Global #Goon #Das #Muster #Underground #Resistance #Electro

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