Bang (Prod. By Alalu)

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The New Wave. HANDZUM | NuWaves | GODS EMSyndicate GOD HOP EP .. Coming Soon Lords Of Drip - January 10th Lyrics: [HOOK] Riding Around My Universe Gotta Make Sure My Music Bang... All You Fake Indigo Children You Do Not See A Thing Aint No Point In Moping Your Future Is Chosen So You Must Bang Verse1 Cruising Down The Street With The Bass Real Low Gotta Watch Out For The Fiends & The Hoes I'm HANDZUM Always. NuWaves GODS Always. Hanging Out In Hallways Why Must You Adore Me Watch Out For Reprocussion When You Sippin Robbotussin Whilst That Mack9 You Be Bussin And The Guys That You Be Trustin Make Sure That You Listen Or Else You Shall Not Glisten Let Me Start My Mission Whilst Your Mind Is Missing Verse2 Some Call Me Horus. Some Call Me Alalu Powerful Messages Is All I Want To Give To You Give Me The Chance To Change Your Mind All You Need To Do Is To Sit And Unwind Itll Be A Start The Changes Are At Heart The Lords Of Drip Is Coming I Create Such Art I Dont Get No Money You Think That Is Funny I Do It For The Love. BANG. BANG. #audio #alalu #bang #horus

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