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Dedicated to whoever you want it to be. That's the point of this song. Alalu. @alalualalu Lyrics: They Say It's Weird To Have Love For Something That Isn't Real Then Why Is Pain The Only Thing That I Feel It All Gets Better. That's What They All Say But The Stresses Of Life. Swallow Me Up Every Day I See Sad Boyz Glorifying Depression And Some Shit I Wouldn't Wish That On My Worst Enemy One Little Bit Cells And DNA. That's All That You Were But The Impact You Had. Spoiled My Damn World Do Not Judge Me. Before You Know The Whole Story It Just Feels Like Life... Is One Lonely Journey Stuck In A Black Hole... Except Its In My Mind If You're Worrying About Me. Don't It'll Be Alright Thankful For Everything I Have Now In My Life But The Whole Lurks In The Dark Side Of My Light Every Night It's Us And Them... The Journey Of My Mind.... #audio #memoir #alalu #handzum #gods #nuwaves #ems

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