Alec Pritchard - Summer Session (VINYL ONLY) (08-06-2013)

Published by Alec Pritchard

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Recorded on 2 x Technics 1210's at a nice little BBQ-and-beers session under the blazing sun... a rare event up here in the North East of England! Unfortunately the event was marred by the abdominal skewering of a man who was over-zealously flapping and fanning the charcoals and caused a hot glowering fragment to ruin a classic 1997 Derrick Carter record. I found that the idiot was well on his way to a full recovery after I paid him a sly-eyed, nefariously smiling, flowers-in-hand visit at the hospital. Don't take it too seriously. This is not me with my "master selecta" hat on... just playing some nice, light housey vibes from a bunch of old records, with a few new ones in there too. And watch out for the cheeky Chaka Khan edit! How fucking dare I?! A weird piece I got from Badlands record store in Cheltenham in 2001, which also has an edit of Brothers Johnson - Ain't We Funkin' Now from 1978 on the flipside. Not included here. Maybe one for next year's sunny day ;) #audio #Fun House In The Sun House #Sun #Vinyl #Technics #1210s #House #DJ #Q #Paul #Flynn #Alexi #Delano #Pilot #Randee #Jean #Home # #Garden

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