Alec Pritchard pres. Cement Mix 07 (30-12-2012)

Published by Alec Pritchard


Back with another cluster-bomb deployment to see out 2012, this one is an epic 2-hour assault of deep house and techno beats. Opening with the sugar-sweet melodica of Christian Löffler with "Signals" taken from A Forest - an album that for me was one of 2012's finest exports - we develop the melodic theme via a King Britt rework of Chymera, a flashback from Kid Crème and an all-Polish contribution with the serene Reprise remix of Jacek Sienkiewicz on his Warsaw-based Recognition label.
 We head deeper underground with the thundering, hypnotic techno of Marco Zenker which sets us off into some different territories with a nod to a killer 2007 release from DeepChord, the hazy warmth of "Echo Welt" (Deutsch für "Echo World") by the incredible Timewriter, and some more electro-edged tracks. Mike Shannon sends us deep into outer space en-route to the slammin' Forteba remix of Vexus T with a story about how your life is like "a book of empty pages" that you must fill with your every decision and action. Fucking right on!!! I'll take one year at a time, and hopefully 2013 is going to be a year full of empty (digital) mixtapes that I'm going to fill with amazing music!
 01 Christian Löffler - Signals // Ki (2012)
 02 Chymera - Trapped In Amber (King Britt Remix) // Connaisseur (2012)
 03 Kid Crème - The Game (feat. Bashiyra) (Kids Voodoo Dub) // Illegal Beats (2006)
 04 Jacek Sienkiewicz - Who Told You That (Reprise Remix) // Recognition (2012)
 05 Luke Hess - Restored // FXHE (2012)
 06 Marco Zenker - Stressin Neighbour // Ilian Tape (2012)
 07 DeepChord - Vantage Isle (Echospace Reshape) // echospace [detroit] (2007)
 08 The Timewriter - Echo Welt // Moodmusic (2011)
 09 Moti Brothers - The Beginning (Forteba Remix) // Ready Mix (2012)
 10 Robert Babicz - Red Valve // Systematic (2012)
 11 Tevo Howard - The Instruction (Acid Mix) // Rush Hour (2011)
 12 Unspecified Enemies - Insurgency Soul // Numbers (2012)
 13 Re.You - Far Away (Mike Shannon In A Galaxy Far Far Away Remix) // Hummingbird (2012)
 14 Drehwerk - I'll Make You Wet (Remix) // Underground (2012)
 15 Neil Quigley & Tone Float - DWTD (feat. Cari Golden) (The Timewriter Remix) // Highway (2012)
 16 Vexus T - Story Book (Forteba Remix) // Street King (2012)
 17 Gunnar Stiller - Closer (Nikola Gala Remix) // Clap Your Hands (2012)
 18 Makam - Glacial Valley // Pariter (2012)
 19 Alessandro Crimi - Opaque 2 // Two Birds (2012)
 20 Larsson - Just The Beat (Nicholas Remix) // Rotary Cocktail (2012)
 21 DJ Q - Delirious (Freaks Filter Filter Dub) // Filter (1998) #audio #Tech House #Tech #House #Deep #House #Christian #Löffler #King #Britt #Jacek #Sienkiewicz #Luke #Hess #Marco #Zenker #DeepChord #Timewriter #Forteba #Robert #Babicz #Unspecified #Enemies #Mike #Shannon #Vexus #T #Nikola #Gala #Alessandro #Crimi #Nicholas #DJ #Q #Freaks

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