Broken Glass

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: BROKEN GLASS Woke up this morning Naked in a room Don’t remember how I got here Was it the bride or was it the groom? Broken glass and ashtrays Mirrors for cocaine Got a feeling the princes were here Enjoying their long and happy reign Soft fingers on my skin Fragrance still lingering Spaces inside time Speed faster than light Windows thrown open The distant sound of cars Is it spring or is it winter Are we the husks of avatars? Costume on the carpet Mask of harlequin But the eyes are so forlorn The bones are all so thin Slow burn of raging thighs Fevered hearts exorsize Spaces inside time Speed faster than light Silhouette on the stairs But I cannot catch the face Phantom stole my contract Left a feather in its place So we live and draw breath Under a sun of helium fire While the winds of cosmic currents Bring the debris of molten skies Sweet kiss upon my lips High tide of pregnant ships Spaces inside time Speed faster than light #audio #Rock #Reggae #Folk #Jazz

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