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Lyrics: REDEMPTION I’m waiting for the turtledove to do battle with the sparrow hawk I’m hoping for the death of Cain and the season of double-talk I’m praying for the robber-baron to atone for the lives he’s stripped Longing for purification of all the lies we won’t admit But you turn away, you turn away Why do you turn away? Why do you turn? Followers of Lord Krishna, believers in the Bleeding Christ Warriors for Prophet Mohamed and Moses who could not be enticed Together on the cosmos road – is this a road to nowhere? Even as you bear your load, can you bear your brother’s despair? But you turn away, you turn away Why do you turn away? Why do you turn? See the skyline and the sunset, dawn break, moon go to rest Lovers sigh and taste each other’s bouquet, revolutions waste away I hear symphonies and lullabies, laughter and joyous cries I hear the screams of fighter planes, victims of the criminally insane But you turn away, why do you turn away? Yes, you turn away – why do you turn? I’m on my own, this dusty sometimes brilliant road Where the simple truth is seldom told I search for your face, I seek your heart You know I trust you – and this new start Don’t you turn away, please don’t turn away! Don’t turn away, please don’t turn Don’t you turn away! Please don’t turn! #audio #Rock #Reggae #Folk #Jazz

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