Soft as a Werewolf

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: SOFT AS A WEREWOLF I was a commercial traveler Come to the port of Amsterdam You were a wisp of a woman Soft as the fleece on a werewolf’s hand We ran a playgroup in an anonymous canal I brought you presents and made sure that you were well The nights were dark despite the neon We had only each other to draw rings round the moon I didn’t accept it was love Till you beat me with your conscience pricks Mistress of pleasure and the easily damned You won me with a bag of well-worn tricks We ran a book club in a bombed industrial zone Beneath the rubble of refineries we made a sheltered home I whispered, slavery, as I held you tight The guards outside were blind so I’d shoot on sight How can I forgive you, my sparrow? Now that you’ve left me for dead Yes, it’s true, I’m a junkie And you’re just a bald Egyptian head We did a steady trade in air-conditioned stores Though no one gave a damn for quality anymore I smiled to peddle your superior wares The future stained as your teeth and our living-room chairs #audio #Rock #Reggae #Folk #Jazz

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