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Lyrics: TROUBADOUR Troubadour, sing me a song of children Troubadour, sing a drunken song of wine Troubadour, sing to me about a lonely pilgrim Troubadour, sing a song that’s out of time Light comes, day breaks Over the ocean, hurricanes take shape Mermaids float, paint their eyes Sirens howl with crazed desire Troubadour, sing about golden heroes Troubadour, sing a song of dying and burial Troubadour, sing about infinity’s zeroes Troubadour, sing like a cosmic spiral Souls stain, tongues defy Hearts ache, learn to comply Ambition soars, betrayal sneers Prophets shake with joys and fears Troubadour, sing to me about diamonds and coal Troubadour, sing a song of love’s sacred bliss Troubadour, sing to me about the apple Adam and Eve stole Troubadour, sing about forests and mist Light drains, night falls Empires expand, the poor crawl Mothers rock babes, press them to their breasts Fathers smile, put Fate to the test #audio #Rock #Reggae #Folk #Jazz

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