The Last Drop

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: THE LAST DROP Should you tell me the bed is bare Carpets great spaces, your mind a vacuum Should you tell me that daylight is moonlight Sun rests on seed time, mirrors catch lightning Should you tell me the loose ends are tight now Earthquakes can’t shake, foundations can’t crumble Should you tell me you need more than you can give But your love is so fierce that kisses are frightening I would say the devil is scheming His lips are foul, foul and concealing I would say you’re on the ropes and reeling Sweating out the last drops of meaning, The last drops of meaning Should you tell me sunsets are sadness North is a fiction, air is a poison Should you tell me human is kindness Movies are magic, blood diamonds sparkle Should you tell me thinkers are liars Politicians, priests in a saintly cathedral Should you tell me the soul lives in a garden Where redemption blooms, then dies soiled by passion Should you tell me soldiers are heroes Generals all leaders of impeccable armies Should you tell me the pot blacks the kettle And you know the secret of keeping them shiny Should you tell me the rainbow is famous For drowning the beasts and saving the sinners Should you tell me the core of creation Is the endless explosion of forces of violence #audio #Rock #Reggae #Folk #Jazz

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