The Bridge

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: THE BRIDGE When all strength had left him all songs departed an old man took him and laid him by a bridge on the National Road sheep farmers water diviners kommandant in a Casspir passed him there and he lay till noon without stirring it was a jackal that drove him from under the bridge to the limestone walls of a donga there for the gathering of sunflower seeds on the road from Christiana out of the shade of a dry eucalyptus an old woman fed him pap and a trickle of tea so at last under that blue sky he felt strong in the knees • National Road – main highway linking Johannesburg and Cape Town • Kommandant in a Casspir – commander in an armoured car • Donga – gulley caused by soil erosion • Christiana – small town in the bush scrub region of the Northern Cape • Pap – maize porridge #audio #Rock

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