Lady Divine

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: LADY DIVINE Lady of the Sad Eyes, Lady of the Golden Prize I’m on my hands, I’m on my knees Begging you to please Give me a sign, show I’m next in line To share your bounty, your favours divine Lady of the Twisted Mind, Lady of the Loving Kind I have hungered for your healing charms Only your touch can keep me from harm Give me a smile, show I’m next to win A share of your bounty, that feast for the hungry Lady of the Desperate Sigh, Lady of the Naked Lie The river flows, takes me along, from distant banks I hear your song Please give me a sign, throw me a lifeline Bring me ashore, let me land at your door Lady of the Tempter’s Rope, Lady of the Bleeding Hope Shine your beacon for the drowning, sound your horn to save the cowering Show me your light, stop the Furies, block their bite Share with me your bounty, take me to your blessed country Lady of the Silken Glove, Lady of Forbidden Love The tide runs high, the tide runs low The trusted one becomes a spy, the fast go slow I’m begging you, on bended knees Show mercy, if you please Lady of the High Speed Chase, Lady of the Endless Race You inflame my dreams with the sacred and the obscene You smile sublime, I lose all track of time And when you signal ‘yes’, I know I’m blessed But when you lead my kiss astray, I burn away #audio #Rock

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