Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

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Lyrics: INTENCITY He’s walking past midnight He’s walking by lamplight The shadows approaching are waving a long knife The city is waiting for blood in the moonlight He’s waiting for a hand to clap His wallet’s thin but he won’t turn back He hates the cops but fears attack Breakdown in the city of all contact She’s moving with quick steps She’s moving with eyes stretched The doorways are peering, the alleys are leering The corners are pregnant, stilettos all gleaming Each new face must be checked The men who pass are all suspect A woman must be circumspect The city is crazy for money and flesh They’re nearing with each stride They’re nearing, and there is no place to hide Head down in lamplight, she sees him a dim shape When he attacks her, will she make her escape? Passing now they almost touch Fear bites deep into her guts But he’s hobbling with a crutch Both are victims in a rush #audio #Rock

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