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Lyrics: DINEO I was a sailor far from shore Couldn’t hear nothing above the ocean’s roar I was a drifter with nothing to lose Till you bared your breasts and I couldn’t refuse I was an orphan still feeling bereaved Wore my sadness, black band on my sleeve But you took my hand and gave me your trust Scraped me all clean, got rid of the rust Dineo, you’re my myth, you’re my queen Dineo, you’re my hope, my most cherished dream I was a stranger, without an address Till your arms enticed, promised me rest I was alone, drifting at sunset Heart all clogged with bad luck and regret I was a voyager to lands without names Till your bed offered a safe domain Brown beauty, your eyes stroked me And I got the shivers bad, real badly Dineo, you’re my excuse for excess Dineo, you’re the source of all that is the best I was a navigator without a star You gave me bearings that bring close what is far Reefs flash by, so do icebergs The trip is on, a ship of love words Yes, I was a wanderer feeling lost No where to turn, tired of the cost But you took my hand and gave me your trust Showed me the diamonds in the dust Dineo, you’re my myth, you’re my regime Dineo, you’re my hope, my future esteem Dineo, you’ll be the proof of a completed scheme #audio #Rock

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