Hazy Heat

Published by Allan Kolski Horwitz

  • 1 credits

Lyrics: HAZY HEAT With my baby in our bedroom eating with a silver spoon Curling her red hair, there’s no one quite so fair Summertime is loving time, my baby’s got a baby We’ll get married some time, right now we’re too lazy Speak of where we were five years ago We were travelling up in Congo Hazy heat of noon blows in through the window Lying with the sheets off, waiting for the sweat to flow Lick my baby on her breast, she sighs and says to me Make believe we’re coasting, dolphins in a blue sea Shows me where I kissed her during our first dance Locked up in each other’s arms, nothing left to chance Take a plate of green beans, take a sip of cold wine We turn to take each other, suspension of the right mind Lighting up the white walls, reflections of the burnished sun Vesuvius and Venus, my baby’s such a fiery one Sing our songs, far into the night While the streets erupt, I press her to me tight #audio #Rock

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