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Lyrics: MANACLED Out on the road again after the darkness inside Sky up over my arms ever so wide Lying low I was swept up high on the tide But the fist of a cop car slammed I found myself with manacled hands It always comes to this in the end When you got no money you got no friends For the rich to stay rich the poor must bend End Put me up against a wall and searched me They took what I had and beat me I pushed one back and tried - how I tried to get free! At the mercy of the guardians of law Caught in the crossfire of war It always comes to this in the end Your luck runs out and you can’t pretend You’re alone in the current at the final bend End Locked in a box where you don’t see no sun Stench of sweat and dead days can’t be overcome The jailers laugh as the rats and roaches run The clenched fist of the young and brave Had better be enough to save me It always comes to this in the end There’s always a tear you can’t mend In the heart of the furnace even steel will bend End #audio #Rock

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