Canned Organic - Gelido

Published by Gelido

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"Textural Asia is the new playful paradigm from the welcoming and manic mind of Gelido, merged with the chilled intensity of PUX. The title track is a mountain climb to a peak of ambient bliss, a seamless kaleidoscope of serene emotions. Canned Organic then reverts to childlike imagination whilst adhering to traits of immense complexity. Disquieting Calm ties it all off with a symphony of contrasts to leave the listener in a contented state of disarray." - Sean Bradney-George. 1. Textural Asia – Gelido & P.U.X 2. Canned Organic – Gelido 3. Disquieting Calm – Gelido & P.U.X Art: Gadzee Mastering: Breakneck Mastering #audio #Glitch #glitch #gelido #mills #brain #dance #broken #note #electronica #ramon #production #uni #xero #canned #organic

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