Unnamed Funky Ass Song

Published by Andy Buruca

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This has the best bass track I've ever written. The idea that brought this song in to creation was when I saw very bad things happening after same sex marriage was "legalized" in the states. People getting so angry because they obviously don't believe in equality or just happiness in general, so I wanted to write a song that reflected the situation. In my head I wrote this song as a love story galaxies away, between a robot and human (no specific gender), and on whatever planet they're from - love between robots and humans is deeply frowned upon. So there is a story to be told, but I don't have any lyrics, plus I want to stretch it over a few songs. Anyway I've typed for long enough, enjoy :) #Rock #Alternative #AlternativeRock #HardRock #SpaceRock #ProgressiveRock #SymphonicRock #Orchestral #Whammy #Heavy #Funk #Funky #FunkRock #Synth #Indie

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Riknatek @Riknatek2 years ago

Yet another Great track with an awesome back story. Conceptual music is my ultimate fav


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