Valer den Bit - Meteor 15 (ArcHouse Remix) [OUT NOW]

Published by Archouse

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'Meteor 15 (Original Mix)'. He draws from the experiences and moments resulting from the recent meteor streaking across the sky in his hometown and presents his emotions in expert progressive fashion! The beautiful, spaced piano notes spread throughout set the melancholic, yet hopeful atmosphere in the wake of destruction and loss. The running 8th-note synth chord plucks provide the steady rhythm, accompanied by tight percussion, which keeps the listener in that moment where time feels that it has slowed to a stop, but everything else seems to speed by. To complete the rest of this 4-track remix EP, progressive artists ArcHouse, Artem Dultsev, and Vasiliy Goodkov give their own interpretations to the 'Meteor 15' EP [ND117]. ArcHouse transforms the melodic progression and switches it up into a new syncopated rhythm and adds some floating arpeggios over top, in a bittersweet yet sublime track with moving breakdown to boot. Artem's remix starts with shimmering arpeggios and upbeat percussive thrums right off the bat. Soon it drops into a subdued filtered sound; gradually opening up into a full-on harmonic breakdown and finished out with a resounding chorus. Vasiliy provides the perfect contrast to the different influences to 'Meteor 15' on this EP; he harnesses the moving power of Valer's composition and infuses the heat and intensity of the meteorite in his edged percussion patterns, bass stabs/lines, and drum fills to drive a dancefloor for almost 6 minutes. His creative switching of the original progressions into a full fledged, suspense-building, and energetic track makes this one that begs to be played out to a packed room full of electronic music lovers. Take a listen, and feel the impact of experience-turned-music through your mind, body and soul. -------------------- #audio #Progressive House #House #ArcHouse #Valer #den #Bit #Meteor #15 #Nueva #Digital

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