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Luanda, Angola
Last online: 1 month ago
ARTMUSICCONCEPT It is a non -profit organization , with more than 15 elements, of majority Angolan nationality, mostly temporary residents in the diaspora, With colaborations in Moçambique as well. This new generation , comes with the purpose of serving as a launching pad , contribute to the appreciation and enjoyment of the public in various branches of the art world , as in the dissemination and promotion of not only national and international artists , more focused to New generation. We make no distinction / discrimination of artists , ie , our aims are directed towards anyone . Be Musician, Painter , Photographer, Sculptor , Designer ( Cartoonist ) , Poet , writer , inventor ... etc. . One of the goals is also to make the public appreciate the artist's work from the perspective of the artist , a perspective different from the usual , each piece will have its own experience. As the innovative way in which the promotion is made. We accept any type of interaction and suggestion coming from anyone. Contacts:
      uniE603 História de Nós os Dois
      uniE603 Olha So Para Nos
      uniE603 She Is So Hard
      uniE603 Famoso - Misturado
      uniE603 Teu Coro é Gato
      uniE603 Rapresentação - Kool - Klever E S - Bruno (Prod. RK)