Leave The World United by Color Original Compose by DJAnsy

Published by Asota Music International

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People, Can U Hear Me ! Here's a message that I'm sending out. I've got the answer to all your problems and tonight I'll be singing it loud. Just surrender yourself to the rhythm, with your Hands up in the sky. Feel the energy deep inside your system and leave this world behind! Leave the world behind you ... we all ned love and peace This Song is for all Womans and Guys Please Respect more Womans Live I am a woman, not your toy. I do not belong in your drawer of sex toys and scandals. I may be a bitch, but I am not a dog. So do not whistle at me. Do not yell at me from across the street. Do not touch my thigh and expect me to say thank you. Do not shame me for my clothes, because I love the way I choose to express myself. My eyeliner is for me, My blush is for me, My ravishing red lip color is for me. So do not shame me for making myself feel contempt. The length of my skirt is not an accurate measurement of the length of my self worth. If you want to talk to me do it for my brains, not to look down my shirt. If you want to praise me do it because I deserve it, not because you want to sleep with me. I am not your English homework, do not annotate me. Do not comment on my weight, or my clothes, or my ass. I am not your thing, I am not anyones thing, I am my own, and I am a woman. And into my Music i will give Emotions and Love romantic my Music Will Told you a Story and i hope you like my Compose over uplifting sounds DjAnsy is now by Blackhole Record Netherlands Breda and i love my United Family of Trance by Facebook and Twitter Booking me Email : https://www.twine.fm/signin DjAnsyAsota is very Exitet since 2006 Composer & Arranger Now stay DjAnsyAsota self big by Support by Armada Music , EDM Usa International Support by Great New Artist and have slef support from Hardwell & Dannic , Armin & Christina Novelli Armin is my King by Music Compose 2015

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