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TFOTH I ll treat the dead as beautifully as parent treat their newborns figuring less persistence helps to enrich the hand fulls critics have it cause a panic enrich him till he beats u for candy can't he come on emptying out you re presence tell him more till sockets have less stocks again less i know till i'm standing, yelling till i'm falling over you here we go again as time falls i'm now knocking at you're door come on kid now i'm ready to go 2nd verse could of hanged on longer but it was all to beautiful that's what the suicide letter read hung with a 5 star hotel room above a king size bed nervous breakdown while eyes crown yourself dead footsies with the feature drowning with ben warming the bench freshmen year talkative but still slow enough to keep the cats wet in denial with lies that lie deep within you re head "come on the mate" said as he sits there and plays chess afterwards he declares you re dead checkmate kid walks to church with faith butler has a heart of gold young blond caters the rich while mom caters the old now we all sit pissed missing the meaning till the class is dismissed fingers twist fall with us kids as he says "follow" 10 years pass and he's still baffled holding crosses dodging all real presence soul eviling after admitting that he's faithless faceless #audio #rap #abstract #Poetry #story #Hip #Hop

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