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Asthmatic Harp is experimental pop music, inspired by artists such as Stina Nordenstam, PJ Harvey, Portishead and Sufjan Stevens .

Behind the pseudonym is songwriter, composer and producer, Hannah Fredsgaard Larsen. Hannah grew up in Copenhagen (DK). In recent years, she lived in Aarhus, where she was the lead singer and songwriter in the Danish pop-rock band, HANNAH.

EP: Lost Astronaut (2015)

Lost Astronaut is based on a childhood nightmare that transformed the shadows of the night into aliens and turned sleep into involuntary space travel.

At the turn of millennium people reveled in conspiracy theories and doomsday speculations. In the schoolyard, kids exchanged pulp fiction about distant galaxies and at the local library a young girl consumed science fiction novels, one after the other.
Daydreams flickered through the children’s imaginations, morphing into nightmares about being selected for a space mission — one that goes fatally wrong, flinging the astronauts out into the infinite universe.

The five songs of the EP explore the fundamental, existential anxiety and angst caused by the feeling of being a “lost astronaut” in a world that at times can feel incomprehensible and meaningless.
Lost Astronaut gives voice to the anxieties caused by life’s endless search for meaning, and expresses the poetic beauty that emerges when facing the unknown, the incomprehensible.