Laurent Pernice - Infrajazz "Uranus" Bonus (Atypeek Music)

Published by Atypeek Music


Infrajazz: this cursed album was due to be released by Noise Museum and was left abandoned for three years before being released as a CD on Organic Land. It is undoubtedly Laurent's most personal work and where he forces electro-jazz to its absolute limits. It is a daredevil album which managed to escape from the dark side. Laurent PERNICE plays a psychedelic floating jazz, with fascinationg ambient-type sonic sublimation reminiscent of COIL, SCORN & STEROID MAXIMUS. "Sortie Vers La Ville" is an hour of intense and extremely rewarding listening to hallucinate. From early rock days, through various avantgarde approaches, to the present electronic grooves with strong experimental touch, each album of this remarkable french musician is different and in some sense unique. Dmitry Vasyliev (IEM) #music #song #electronic

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