April Fishes - Offshore (Atypeek Music)

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Manuel Adnot (Sidony Box), Adrien Dennefeld (Ozma, We Are All Americans), Romain Dugelay (Polymorphie, Kouma) and Sylvain Darrifourcq (MilesDavid5tet!) founded in 2014 a new band called APRIL FISHES. APRIL FISHES is an improvised and narrative trip throughout the aquatic World, inspired both by Chinese writer Mo Yan and by some feelings around the deep sea. APRIL FISHES is supported by « Le Pannonica » In Nantes (France), the club where the band had the opportunity to work out his first creation in september 2014. The group has just recorded his first album with the help of label Grolektif Productions in « Le Périscope » in Lyon. APRIL FISHES project started up with Manuel Adnot’s suggestion, who replaced for some project guitarist - cellist Adrien Dennefeld, and so had the opportunity to work his music without even plyaing with him. Manuel Adnot suggested the latter to set up a new formation gathering musicians of the same generation, engaged in alternative jazz and inspired by improvised and electronic musics. They instantly think of Romain Dugelay, a saxophonist they had met several times during echanges between musicians collectives (1Name4ACrew, Grolektif). The choice of Sylvain Darrifourcq on drums is also self-evident, as Manuel met him during Jazz Migration’s tour in 2011 with Sidony Box & Q groups, and also crossed him over the course of double sets with Emile Parisien quartet. Regarding the compositional work, a click occurs while listening to guitarist Otomo Yoshihide with his cover of « Eureka » from Jim O’Rourke, who will inspire the piece « Carpe d’Or » ; a mix of melancholy and free music, with a title inspired by a novel of Mo Yan. This thematic writing becomes in some way the band’s touch and APRIL FISHES ventures on the far reaches of the underground and aquatic worlds. Their stretched tunes can either evoke the great outdoors like in Icelandic band « Sigur Ros » or rough textures of electro-acoustic musics. The first meeting took place in « Le Pannonica » in Nantes (France), for an artistic residency. The experience was singulare since in just two days, the band had find a beautiful balance between acoustic instruments (cello, nylon guitar...) and electric or electronic devices (sensors for the drums, machines around the baritone sax). The music composed by Manuel Adnot and Adrien Dennefeld is then structured with this multitude of tones. #music #song

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