Marteau Mu - Walkabout (Atypeek Music)

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Something that takes us a step closer to infinity – but not as far Thomas Fernier was born as Guinea pig, grew up into Chevo légé, and aged as Thomas Fernier. He still lives. Three names and fifteen years doing music, he already has 7 albums (magnetic recordings, particul system), constantly collaborates with playwright Benoît Bradel and choreographer Tomeo Verges, and takes part in the poetic and musical events “Poésie is not dead”. Thomas Fernier is alive. Alice Champion was born, has grown up, and aged. She still lives. Spent years at Radio Campus Paris because of her love for sounds and voices. Took part in Laudanum, a two-voice reading in collaboration with Eve Couturier. Alice Champion is not dead. #music #indie #rock

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