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Marvin - Discudanse (Les Douze Salopards) Marvin are a three piece band from Montpellier France. Marvin is known across Europe for their frenetic live shows, and this record is an attempt to capture the feeling. Like three mighty gods, Emilie, Greg and Fred use all their powers to create some of the most glorious, sexy electro-punk to sweep across the landscape. Imagine that a storm is brewing, the heavens torn asunder. From the west you have solid, riff-heavy rock and roll, the electricity of AC/DC infused with the venom of the Jesus Lizard, blowing through town like a fierce wind. From the south we see another current approaching, bombastic, throbbing, sensual, Eno-inspired, big-beat electronica. These two forces collide and intermix to produce music that is upbeat, energetic and boisterous. The different elements hit you at different times, the visceral rumble of an 808, the squeal of a synth, thrashy-swirly live drum fills, guitar licks that pop and shimmer like lightning, all in all serious torrent of sound that ignites the whole room and gets everyone dancing. #music #electronic #indie #rock

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