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Ned - The Love Off!!! NED was found in a junkyard close to Lyon, France in 1998. Since then, nobody could ever answer this terrible question: Why? From the first self-produced cassettes to the creation of SK records, the music of NED has allways been evolving through the recording sessions, people they met and tours they've done. All in a D.I.Y spirit. From the early noisepunk, the trio opened to more diverse influences. Mixing now the former soup with swampy blues, cracky rythms, brutal anti-music concepts with always a taste for catchy melodies. The love off!!! E.P is out in 2001 and shows the most crude aspects of the band; Recorded in a basement for very cheap, this first record shows a urgent and exhuberant energy. A split single with Doppler shortly follows to illustrate their first common european tour. NED records their most 'poppy' song to date. In august 2002, the first full-lenght album is recorded at OFF YA TREE tudios in Hamburg, Germany by Heiko lindner and Henry Lafrenz. The sound is more professionnal and accurate but the style is allways as personal and sophisticated. 2003 is the first collaboration with Jason R. records which releases a split 10'' with OHARU to document their common french tour. NED has been doing over 500 shows across Europe and US in 7 years of existence. They have shared gigs with international acts such as LADDIO BOLLOCKO, NOMEANSNO, GUAPO, SABOT, BLONDE REDHEAD, BASTARD, ULAN BATOR, MELT BANANA, OXBOW, PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT, EXPLOSION IN THE SKY, DON CABALLERO and others. First release at S.K. Records #music #indie #rock

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