Ça - 1/ 3 - 378 EP (Atypeek Music)

Published by Atypeek Music


ÇA is a brand new math rock trio from Lyon. With members of Maria Magdalena, Retropolis and Cosmos Project, the band redefines the limits of Math Rock with their own way of seeing this style. Estonishing rythms, Inventives compositions and Hard parts are the way they took, and it's a really good one. Their First EP released in October 2014 is going to be a key for the scene ! Ça begins by someone who chimes out onomatopoeia in a syncopated rhythm. Ça continues with intruments which have different rhythms. Ça stops. Ça restarts. Ça varies the rhythm. Ça takes a break. Ça imposes its technical skills while remaining very melodic. Ça is a demanding mix between crazy noise and chaotic math-rock. Ça would be similar has Welldone Dumboyz. However, Ça makes a very good music that brings out the best in the instruments. Ça gives the impression that the band likes their instruments and wants to bring out the best of them: Ça has a clear guitar song, a bass which grooves and a well-sounding snare drum. Ça could then do everything it wants with its compositions because it would be accessible and smooth for our ears. Ça swings! Ça moves! Ça shakes! Ça surprises! Ça goes wild sometimes... Ça increases the volume! Ça calms things down. Finally, Ça restarts until the end of the disc. Ça is a trio from St-Etienne (France) and has just released a nice all-white digipack named 24615. Ça, that's good! https://www.twine.fm/signin #indie #music #rock

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